Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is hugely important to who we are. After all, every individual is different. Each has their own identity with it’s own knowledge, understanding, perception and attitudes. While many individuals may look, act or think in a similar fashion every one is indistinguishable in some way.

Your Personal Freedom

You are you and only you. You live in a world of your own, composed of your own experience. You can’t be someone other than who you are. You can try, but you will always be stronger than the mask you are trying to wear.

Freedom of Others

No matter how hard you may try, you cannot control the natures of other people, but you can control how you’ll deal with them. You can also control the extent and manner in which you’ll be involved with them.

The paradox is that you have near absolute control over your life, but you give up that control when you try to control others. The only way you can control others is to recognize their natures and do what is necessary to encourage your desired reactions from those natures. As a result, your actions are dictated by the requirements involved when you attempt to control someone else.

Consequence of Decisions

The barriers that we perceive are typically only consequences. Everything you do will produce an effect or consequence of some kind. The consequences you will depend upon the identities of things and people and how you deal with them. To be able to predict those consequences depends upon your ability to perceive the true identities of things and people.

A positive decision is one in which you choose among alternatives to maximize your happiness. For example: deciding whether you’ll be happier going to a movie or the opera.

A negative decision is one in which you choose among alternatives to minimize your unhappiness. For example: deciding whether to let your roof leak or to deplete your savings account to get it fixed. Neither choice will increase your happiness; you’re trying to decide which choice would be the least unpleasant.

Someone with personal freedom spends most of their time making positive decisions—choosing among attractive alternatives.

Instead of taking for granted assumptions about what you “should” be, start from the inside – from inside of you. Start by finding out who you really are – your unique collection of feelings, desires, perceptions and understanding. When you find it, respect what you see in yourself.

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